About Me: BL Show Horses

Brooke Viele, 24

I am an AQHA/APHA showman/trainer located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I have been riding and showing stock horses since I was 5 years old. I have shown competitively on open circuits, as well as the Michigan Buckskin Circuit. I am excited to transition to showing APHA with my 3YO Invitation Only X All Time Fancy Mare that I am currently training.

I believe horses learn best when they are a willing partner, so many of the techniques I use are considered to be “natural horsemanship”. I always start with lots of bending with a horse so they are willing to “break loose” all parts of their body. Once a horse learns body control, we can start to teach them where to hold each part and achieve a finished look for the show pen.

Contact Me:

Email: brookeviele880@gmail.com

Cell: 989-948-9023

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